Thursday, June 30, 2011

Before they had Fans (And Twitter and Facebook…)

Sorry C and R haven’t written a blog for a while. We stuck our head in Twitter and didn’t emerge for a breath for three days. Heard it was Social Media Day today so we decided to use all our avenues of communication.  Ahh, we see the sun is shining (heard it rained in the Bay Area) and we are back to blogging, ignoring the hash tag symbols whenever we close our eyes.

Anyhoo, always loved Mariah Burton Nelson. She played basketball at Stanford “before Tara” and helped get Title IX enforced and has written some great pieces about that experience. Now when she is out lecturing, people want to talk about Stanford basketball. They ask about Stanford in the here and now, not in her early struggles. She was just trying to get uniforms and access to the “good gym.”

Here is a quote from her blog on her piece “Open Letter to Stanford Women’s Basketball Alums” dated June 6, 2011.
Funny, we never thought about fans in the seventies. We never anticipated your popularity. We just wanted access. Equal coaching, training, recruiting, scholarships, uniforms, and travel. Equal rights. Equal respect.

Well, a big thank you to her and others on the team. They opened the door, and many women have run through it. So ask her what it was like, not how it is, it’s best not to forget the past, else doomed to repeat it…

Weekend Sports Tips:
Go see the Stanford Freshmen (and Joslyn Tinkle) play Saturday, July 2 in the SF ProAM league. Game time is 12 noon. Watch Team USA play in the Women’s World Cup beforehand starting at 9 AM Stanford time.

Have a happy and safe 4th. Don’t go blowin’ off any fingers with fireworks. You will need them all for Twitter and Facebook and such.

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