Sunday, June 12, 2011

C and R’s Social Media

Hold on to your hats, batten down the hatches and hide the children! Sell all your worldly possessions and buy pet insurance cuz the world must be comin’ to an end because…
Dunt… dunt… dunt….
C and R have joined the 21st century and got a page on FACEBOOK!

C and R Facebook
Check us out at C and R’s Stanford Women’s Basketball Facebook Page.

We still have no idea what we are doing, so any kindly help would be appreciated. And oh, make sure to like us or friend us or write to us or whatever the devil you kids are into today because we need all the friends and like buttons we can get and need you to otherwise artificially inflate our sense of self worth. Plus now you can instantly communicate with us, helpfully point out any typos, correct our “facts,” remind us of game times so we don’t miss them, and state your favorite player for all to see.

So if we ignore this blog, scoot on over to Facebook and check us out, kinda like what the Official Stanford Women’s Basketball site did. Not that we are calling them on the ignoring part, just that they have transitioned over to Facebook so quickly! It was and is still a shock to us.
Look forward to interacting with all of you on Facebook. Get a sneak peek here:

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