Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Basketball Voting

More Stanford Facebook voting. Go to Stanford Athletics site on Facebook to vote for your favorite newcomer to Stanford this year, (C and R vote Chiney Ogwumike hands down) and for favorite Stanford game of the year. (C and R vote Stanford Women’s Basketball snapping UConn’s 90 game winning streak hands down, too, but we are biased). Go to the Official Stanford site to get a small description of the games of the year, and we must admit all of them are pretty darn deserving. Then go to Facebook to vote.
While you are in a voting mood, make sure you go over to and vote for your favorite 2011 All-Star. Pick two forwards, two guards, and a center from each conference. And you can vote every day. (Although scared to know how they track that.)

And now in honor of the WNBA’s 15th anniversary, you can vote for the WNBA’s top 15 players of all time!

So rock the vote (s).

Happy Anniversary Title IX

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