Friday, June 10, 2011

Stanford’s Social Media

So okay, C and R found out a little bit more about the Stanford Women’s Basketball Team’s new assistant coach, Trina Patterson, with a little Q & A article. We mentioned she had a lot of head coaching experience, and came to learn at the feet of the master Tara VanDerveer. The article also hints she was brought in to help develop our post players. C and R particularly like the section when she talks about her family, being five deep and they can “zone you up or play you man-to-man!” Our kind of family.

But here’s the thing, the thing is, the article wasn’t posted on the Stanford Women’s Basketball website, a site we visit daily, but instead on the Stanford Women’s Basketball FACEBOOK page! Well, we don’t really visit the Stanford website daily, we have a little RSS feed featured above our original blog that we check daily. The RSS feed is a syndicated feed of Stanford headlines and gives links to the Stanford articles that the school puts on their website. We noticed they weren’t updating it much this summer, and we just thought it was a slow off-season. Turns out they were putting all their updates on FACEBOOK! So okay, there’s no reason to put Facebook in all caps, but, darn it, we hate how pervasive and all-powerful Facebook has become. (And our spell check is so old, it refuses to recognize “Facebook” as one word.)

And then we were updating all the URLs of the player’s twitter accounts (Why twitter, why, did you have to insert that little hashtag in the address?) and we found a link to another article posted on Facebook via Twitter NOT on the official Stanford site. This time the article was about what motivates Stanford Head Coach Tara VanDerveer. Of course, in her usual humility, she says her players motivate her. Great read, but we had to discover it through the player's Twitter accounts.

And of course, you can comment on the articles on Facebook and “like” them and insert yourself a little bit into the written words. C and R must admit, that is kinda cool.

It’s lookin’ like C and R are gonna have to join the 21st century and get them one of them-there Facebook pages and Twitter accounts thingies (C doesn't even have a phone that reaches the Internet). Sigh, we hate change.

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