Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WNBA Player a No-Show

Janel McCarvilleDid you see this one? New York Liberty player Janel McCarville didn’t show up for training camp so the team suspended her for the season. And she’s not some bench warmer, either. She averaged over 11 points as a center for NY. Heck, if a WNBA team like the Liberty has a spot free, C and or R volunteer to take it! To get paid to play pro basketball... well, paid a small amount for summer basketball, we would jump at the chance.

Not sure what happened with Janel, no other news stories have surfaced. She had been playing overseas, and her Twitter account has not been updated since May 12th. Ditto for her Facebook page, just mentions her Italian Championship in May. (Twitter and Facebook now being the new journalism, apparently, according to everyone under 30). Maybe she made enough overseas she can skip the WNBA season? Like we said, we would hate to pass up any opportunity to play women’s pro ball.

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