Sunday, June 5, 2011

Women's Basketball Rule Changes

So, did you see the new rule changes for NCAA basketball? The biggest one that will affect the women’s game is the one that moves the three-point line back to the men’s line. In other words, the distance for a three-point shot will go from 19’9” to 20’9”, or a whole foot of difference.

One NCAA site lists the rationale as; “Two lines are causing confusion and data indicates that a majority of three-point shots are being taken from behind the men’s line and the shooting percentage of those shots is higher than those taken from behind the women’s line only.” Huh? Where did they get this data?

Anyhoo, the point C and R wanted to raise is this: does the rule change mean they will start over on keeping records for three-point shots? Take for example Jeanette Pohlen. She made 96 three pointers out of 230 attempts for a .417 made percentage during her last year at Stanford. But she made them at 19’9”. When a women’s player makes a three-point shot this year do they start over at one because the distance is different?

And then that makes C and R scratch our heads about the new Pac-12. Will everything be new record? If anyone knows the answer, please notify C and R.

WNBA play has started. Look up your favorite team or (Stanford Women’s Basketball) player.

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