Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer (Sports) Days

How’s your summer going? Are you beating the heat in the Bay Area? One way to do that is to go to San Francisco on the weekends to see the Stanford freshmen play in the summer Pro Am. (You know, the freshmen class that was ranked sixth in the nation). C and R couldn’t make it this weekend to Saturday’s game, but the Fast Break Club’s Judy Richter was there. The standout stats read like a repeat from last week. Stanford Veteran Joslyn Tinkle led the way with 38 points. (Last week it was 37 points). Judy also has more stats for you about the freshmen and the one notable is Erica Payne was in action after sitting out last week with a sore ankle.

Women’s World Cup:
Team USA continues to win. They are now 2-0 and play again Wednesday. Show them some love (and some ratings) by tuning into ESPN local time to see the game.

To counteract the time we waste indoors on Twitter, C and R got bikes and have been tooling around the Bay Area. Email us any good (easy, cool weather) Bay Area biking trails you like.

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