Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tweetering, We Mean Teetering on the Brink of a Championship

C and R are so excited, we can hardly stand it. Tomorrow the United States Women’s National Soccer Team plays in the Women’s World Cup final against sweetheart Japan. Never mind that the whole world is supporting the plucky Japanese team that are playing for their country after a devastating earthquake and Tsunami and the Americans are being viewed as big bullies, we are still rooting for Team USA.

And the coverage! Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we barely get any mention of the two professional women’s leagues, the WNBA and the Women’s Professional Soccer league. Heck, the WNBA just released their All Star Lineups and our paper didn’t even mention it at all.

But a USA Team in a final is a USA Team in a final, and the late bandwagon jumper-on-ers are out in full force, thank you very much NY Times. But what’s been fun for C and R has been the social media we just became a part of (talk about being in the right place at the right time). Facebook has been kinda tame with straight reporting of news-type articles. So it’s been Twitter where the excitement is!

It’s so funny, because when we joined Facebook and Twitter (@StanfordWBBBlog), we thought Twitter was pointless, 140 characters at a time. But it turns out people (and athletes we like to follow) feel freer to express quirky and humorous thoughts. And the best part is we can tailor what we see on Twitter to our tastes. Take that mainstream media. We like sports, men’s and women’s don’t get us wrong. We just didn’t want to fall into a rut be following the traditional mainstream media outlets that ignore women’s sports most of the time. ESPN and Sportscenter? Nope, not following you on Twitter. EspnW and US Women’s National Team? Sign us up.

Tall Abby Wambach with her awesome headers joined Twitter today and in five hours had over 13,500 followers and counting. Wow, it was like watching the National Debt counter roll up and up. And then people got cute. We are also following Abby Wambach’s head (not affiliated or endorsed by the real Abby Wambach you understand, just someone’s idea of a lark, and Fun-nay!). This lead to discovering not one, but two people tweeting as Megan Rapinoe’s hair. They had us lmao, well, laughing anyway. Then there’s Amy LePeilbet’s headband, jealous of her hair. Silly, funny, playful. And tailor-made for us. Yes, we’re digging the social media scene.

Well, see ya tomorrow at the Women’s World Cup. No, we won’t be in Germany, but you can turn on the game and then Twitter and hear fan reaction from around the Twittersphere.

If you prefer the old-fashioned way, connect live:
If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to get together, Brandi' Chastain's Foundation, BAWSI is having a viewing party for the Women's World Cup, details below and on BAWSI’s Facebook page:

Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative (BAWSI)
There's been lots of excitement about BAWSI's Women's world Cup viewing party on Sunday morning, and it looks like we may even have some media joining us. We're hoping to have some painted faces, American flags, and red, white and blue home-made signs rooting the team on. Game coverage begins at 11:00 am at Neto's Market & Grill: 1313 Franklin St, Santa Clara, CA 95050. Join us! All are welcome.

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