Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tinkle Time!

Aw, this is too cute. And yet Totally Cool at the same time. Stanford Freshman Joslyn Tinkle is preparing for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament and her dad, Wayne Tinkle, as head coach of Montana, is preparing for the men’s tournament. The article hypothesizes this could be a first.

To make it cuter, Montana is playing down the road in San Jose Thursday (they, that’s tonight) and Stanford Coach Tara VanDerveer let Montana practice at Stanford. Joslyn is going to the game, but had to get out of a final (no, she took it earlier, the student-athletes here at Stanford actually go to class and take tests). Wayne hopes to watch Stanford Saturday night.

Listening to the parents of the Stanford seniors talk after senior night, it is special for families to be able to watch their daughters play. Some parents can’t always make it. To have your dad, a busy head coach, hanging around for a couple of days and each getting to see their respective teams play is totally cool.

OMG, doing a little Google search about the father-daughter angle and discovered a husband-wife angle, also at Montana. Anthony Johnson and Shaunte Nance-Johnson are married and play for the Montana men’s and women’s teams, respectively. Hard working kids. Wayne says he totally understands what is basketball star is going through because he was dating his soon to be wife, basketball star Lisa McLeod, while playing for Montana. Almost makes you want to go live in Montana (maybe if Global Warming does away with all that snow).

C and R wish Head Coach Wayne Tinkle and his team Good Luck! We met him with our little girl’s team and he is wonderful!

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