Monday, March 15, 2010

Are you Smarter than C and R?

It’s your turn…  well, okay; it’s really the women’s turn! The Women’s NCAA Basketball Bracket is out! Let’s just find out how much you know about women’s basketball. Women’s Talk Sports is sponsoring a contest to pick the winners. Test yourself against C and R (and other Women Talk Sports members). Pick your bracket and win prizes! Yes, prizes!

BTW,  we receive no money for endorsing this website and bracket, just good clean fun. (Although we fully expect to reap the prizes!)

Last year C was in the early lead in the early rounds with her picks. Then R came roaring back and won. And she hasn’t shut up about it since. So please, please join the WTS group and out dual R and make her behave!

Join the WomenTalkSports group for the Bracket Challenge! Here's how:
  1. Check out NCAA Games and create a user account. (name, password)
  2. Click here to head to the Women's Basketball Bracket page. (or go to D-1 Women’s basketball-picks)
  3. Navigate to “Join a Group”- Join the WomenTalkSports group by entering:
group name: WomenTalkSports
password: womentalksports

It's as simple as that, but will be loads of fun as WTS will be giving away random prizes throughout the tournament and a grand prize for the winner of our bracket challenge!

Join and complete the bracket by SATURDAY, MARCH 20TH. Tell your family and friends to join!
Email me if you have problems-- it was a little challenging for me to sign up. I am listed as “Stanford.C” and R is “Stanford.R” Unoriginal I know, but this way you will know who is crushing you!

Sign up Today!

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