Friday, March 12, 2010

News From the Pac-10 Tournament-Friday

First of all, if you can’t make it down to LA, you can see it LIVE and FREE on the Internet, courtesy of CBS Sports at this link. You can even get the audio. Class act to help generate and keep interest.
It was sad to see so many empty seats on Friday, especially during the Cal vs. Arizona State game (of course, the games did take place during the day, so maybe it would have been that unpopulated if the games where in the Bay Area).

Stanford will be playing Arizona today, which survived a squeaker against Washington State. And why oh why did Arizona's star, Ify Ibekwe, sit out most of the first half? The team said unspecified punishment. Did she get caught sneaking out after hours? Will she sit during the Stanford Women's Basketball game?

In the Cal vs. Arizona State game earlier on Friday, Cal's Rachelle Federico got a flagrant foul call and was ejected. Will she have to miss the next game, too? Coach Joanne Boyle said she was just trying to clear space. Uh Oh, sound familiar? (Similar situation with Jayne Appel) Cal seemed a little stale after that the Technical. Cal hangs on to beat ASU 60-50. It was close for most of the game, so we will see Cal on Saturday, provided we get by Arizona today. More later…. C and R

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