Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14 and a half, or is it the 15th? --Almost Done

Sorry, little bleary-eyed this morning getting back from LA. Busy fixing typos from previous posts done from the back seat of bouncy taxicabs, although we tried to avoid them as much as we could. You know that song “Walking in LA”, with the line “No One Walks in LA”? Well, C and R did walk a lot in LA and risked our lives several times using cross walks. And to get to our hotel, the light for the crosswalk took five minutes. No lie!

Must admit as we walked around USC’s campus, it was so clean and well manicured. Very impressive. Wonder if any of the teams stayed on campus to save money? The weather was perfect, and if there was smog, we certainly couldn’t see any in our little corner of LA.

Anyhoo, will post story on the Championship game soon. Got to get that story out because I need to do laundry and at 3 PM today they are posting the Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets! (No, we have no idea if that is East Coast time or not--we could barely figure out the whole day light savings time thing.)

Oh, Women Talk Sports is supposed to be getting a women’s bracket up and I think fans can participate so you can play just like the followers of the men’s brackets and might be possible to win prizes but don’t quote me on any of that. (And who ever does!)

Okay, now I have to go change my many clocks, too.

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