Friday, January 1, 2010

Best of the Best of 2009

Good Morning, or should we say good afternoon, depending on when you got up today. With 2010 here, we thought we would talk about 2009. Ya know, ever get tired of Women’s Basketball”? (Blasphemy, I know). Ever wonder what else is going on in the world of women’s sports? Well, now you can get catch up to speed, with the “Best of 2009” From Women’s Talk Sports. The Women Talk Sports Network wanted all of their women bloggers to write a “Best of 2009” Series and link to others. We didn’t really write a best of 2009 blog, because it would just be Stanford, Stanford, Stanford and then all about us and anyway, who can remember what happened the last twelve months when we can barely remember where we parked the car.

Well, okay, now that we think about it, highlights include Stanford beating Tennessee, December 2009 and the first half of the UConn-Stanford game, December 2009, where we were leading. C and R going to the Sacramento Monarchs game on a press pass this summer and interviewing Candice Wiggins and going to the USF-Tennessee game on a press pass in the winter and asking questions of legendary Pat Summit. And oh, we lost to Cal last year and were in danger of losing the PAC-10 regular season and Cal choked and lost its last game to give us the PAC-10 regular season title and the number 1 seed in the PAC-10 tournament, which we won! Hee hee, that was sweet. The February 14th game to support breast cancer research where we beat Cal and Lindy LaRoque did the “Lindy Slide” to knock over Cal’s Alexis Gray Lawson and get the ball to Jill Harmon for an easy score. Sorry, we warned you it would be all Stanford and C and R. Oh, Stanford women’s soccer going undefeated in the regular season and undefeated in the NCAA tournament until the Title Game where they fell 1-0 to powerhouse North Carolina. There, at least it wasn’t all basketball.

Anyhoo, check out the other Women Talk Sports “Best of 2009” blogs. We'll update them as they come in. Tell ‘em C and R sent ya.

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