Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Ahhhhh, all three of our point guards are hurt! Well, all three are swelling. Yes, we know they are swell, but some of their body parts are swelling, making them unable to practice.

Jeanette Pohlen was knocked to the floor in the Cal game and sprained her ankle. She got it taped but returned to action in the game, a move C and R questioned (when are we not questioning head coach Tara VanDerveer?) as we were leading by a lot. Now her ankle is still swelling. Both JJ Hones and Mel Murphy have swelling in their respective knees. JJ is coming off of ACL surgery and Mel was out the previous five weeks with her knee injury. Too bad because Mel looked good in her second game back, taking care of the ball and scoring a career high 11 points.

We do have senior Ros Gold-Onwude who has given some steady minutes and Tara can always use 6’4” Kayla Pederson as point guard!

Oh, faithful readers will know we are attempting a grand experiment this year with shaking our “tinkle bells” for freshmen Joslyn Tinkle. One such reader reported that as Tinkle came into the Cal game and the tinkle bells were ringing she heard the lady behind her say, “Oh look, here comes Jingle.” Well, I guess you could say our experiment half-worked!

Although…. C and R are now warming to the “jingle” nickname! Joslyn Jingle, it has a cute ring-- ar, ar, ar pun intended!

Okay, USC on Friday, with or without a point guard. No TV coverage, but what did you expect? Gametracker it is. See ya on the computer

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