Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jingle All the Way

OMG, another fan just wrote to C and R! (Woo Hoo!) With some not so good news (Boo-woo-hoo?)

She said, hey dummies, don’t you know artificial noisemakers like tinkle bells are banned from college games. Well, okay she didn’t say “artificial”. No just kidding, she didn’t call us dummies (that we could see in print anyways). However, C and R did always wonder about that in our grand experiment to honor Stanford freshmen Joslyn Tinkle by shaking “tinkle bells”. We knew it was frowned upon to say, bring an air horn to a basketball game. But harmless little tinkle bells, how can you ban them, NCAA? So now part of our grand experiment will be to see how long it will be before C gets kicked out of a Stanford game. I mean Jayne Appel got tossed for the first time this year, why can’t I? I will defend to my death for my right to shake tinkle bells! Hey, could be a catchy T-Shirt.

But seriously, what do they do if someone has an artificial noisemaker? If say, 100 people are ringing the bells, what do they do? Do they kick out all 100? Take them away one by one? Or do they punish the home team? If so, we should go to Cal and bring noisemakers and air horns and fire crackers maybe, hee hee, and get them a bazillion technicals. Well, it will be interesting to see what happens.

Not expecting a big crowd tonight against for the Stanford Women’s Basketball Team against PAC-10 opponent Washington State due to the strength of the opponent and a rare Thursday game, hard for the work-a-holic Bay Area to get away. Bring your athletic shoes to recycle, and your tinkle bells.

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