Saturday, January 16, 2010

Odds and Ends

Hi All, C here to jot a few quick notes before we coach our little girl’s basketball team and head to the Stanford game vs. Washington. (So if I make more typos than normal, you’ll understand I am under a self-imposed deadline!)

First, cute blog by Joslyn Tinkle at the Fast Break Club Website. She almost had me there….

Second, the tinkle bells, the ones we shake for Joslyn Tinkle got mentioned on KZSU, the Stanford radio station that also streams the Stanford Women’s Basketball Games free on the internet. This is what our fan, let’s name him TG, wrote to us: (yes, we have a few fans now not named Mom).

“Tinkle bells were mentioned prominently (and quite favorably) by the KZSU announcers during the WSU game. Something like "the Stanford fans are tinkling their bells in recognition of Joslyn Tinkle as she goes to the foul line. Nice to see that kind of fan enthusiasm in support of a young player."

Thanks, KZSU! and TG.


Hee hee, love it!

Then, someone actually asked C and R’s opinion on Stanford Women’s Basketball and we said, do you have three hours? Anyway, Q McCall of Swish Appeal, a great new PAC-10 Women’s Basketball blog asked us some questions about Stanford and printed our responses here. Well, actually, just C responded because R was busy making a living so she could afford the Stanford season tickets, and he made us sound waaaaay better and more intelligent than we really are.

The title of the article is: How Can Anyone (Not Named UConn) Beat Stanford? Check it out.

And incidentally, if you always wanted to be a blogger like C and R, or think you can blog better than C and R (Not a hard thing to do) then you can sign up to Swish Appeal and start adding you fan posts.

See ya at the game (late).

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