Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fresno State

With R away, C will play, and she completely forgot Stanford was playing last night and did not watch GameTracker. She hopes the basketball gods forgive her! (Be easy on C, her son just passed his driving test and is out on the roads alone, with his sister’s credit card, no less, and C’s skinny cat, not the fat one, had surgery, probably from being bit by the fat one, and has three holes in her bottom and C is supposed to scrub it with a warm, wet wash cloth and if you ever tried to scrub a shaved cat’s behind with a warm, wet wash cloth, let alone the good one from the linen closest, well, geez, no wonder she forgot about Stanford.)

Okay, C is getting dizzy from referring to herself in the third person, so here is what I read from that there Internet the morning after:

-Stanford won 68-46, yet was 13 points below its season average.
-They played in Fresno in front of the largest crowd since February 2005 (3,859).
-Fresno played them closer than any team but No. 1 UConn for just over a half, according to the official Fresno Bulldogs site.
-Fresno held Stanford to 32 percent shooting in the first half and trailed only 24-19 at halftime. Other than a two point halftime lead against No. 1 UConn, this was the only other time Stanford led by single digits in the first half. The 24 points also tied for a season-low scored in the first half.
-Fresno State lead 13-10 in the first half.
-Stanford took the lead for good at 15-13 with 9:03 in the first.
-Four minutes into the second half Fresno State trailed 31-27. Stanford then went on a 25-0 run to lead 56-27.
-Stanford Head Coach Tara VanDerveer switched to a zone defense, something they had not practiced.
-Tara said they would stay in this zone until Fresno scored. They didn’t score for eight minutes.
-Stanford started four players 6-feet or taller, Fresno one 6-footer.
-Stanford out rebounded Fresno 53-29.
-Stanford had 18 offensive rebounds, including six by Jayne Appel.
-Once Jayne got used to playing someone smaller than her, she scored 20 points and had 18 rebounds.
-Jayne and Kayla Pederson, both 6-4, blocked 6 shots, and the team blocked 2 more for a total of eight.-Stanford plays Cal on Saturday. (R is driving in from Utah that day, so she better drive fast!)

Have a Happy and Safe New Years!

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