Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fun With Video

Okay, C and R don't know who makes these Stanford Women's Basketball Videos, but we love them, especially the "Superhoopsters with Ineffective Powers" Series. Right now we are on episode six. The cutest thing is that these players (Who have probably been told they are great most of their basketball careers) are not afraid to make fun of themselves. So if we have programmed them right, enjoy! (Scroll down a little!)

Episode One

The two freshmen, playing off Joslyn's booted foot. (We've shown this one before).
Episode Two

Michelle Harrison, in laser vision.
Episode Three

A Shimmering Nneka, 'nuff said.
Episode Four

Assistant Coaches Bobby and Amy - "Every time, B, every single time!" Cracked us up. ("I’m just saying, every time!")
Episode Five

Jeanette Pohlen, Flying? In Sandals?
Episode Six

Jayne, such a ham, even running, she is still social and waving to everyone!

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