Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Duke Out

Let’s catch up with C and R on the eve of Stanford’s most important game so far, number 7 Duke, with Tennessee the very next game.

R: What time should we leave for the Duke game at Maples?

C: Well, we have a little bit of a problem here.

R: What?

C: The little girl’s basketball team that we coach has a game that day.

R: What time? The Stanford game starts at 7 PM. If the little girls are at 6 PM, we could leave right afterward and only miss part of the game.

C: It’s at 7 PM

(This portion of the audiotape deleted to keep us in the family blog rolls)

R: Really?!

C: Really.

R: Such a bummer. You know our little girls need us. We’ll have to go to their game.

C: You are right, looks like it’s that inferior Game Tracker thingie on the Internet for us.

R: Yeah. Hey, I wonder if our golfing buddies, whom we will call P and M, would want the tickets?

C: Good idea, I bet they would and then they can be field reporters and report on the game for us.

R: I just got off the phone with P. She said she and M would love to go.

C: And you have such good seats!

R: At least the tickets won’t go to waste.

C: Let’s hope both our teams win!

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