Thursday, March 12, 2009

PAC-10 Honors for Stanford

Usually C and R hate unlucky 13, so we have to cross our fingers and toes when Stanford starts play in the PAC-10 tournament this Friday the 13th. However, the number 13 was lucky for Stanford’s Jayne Appel, as she became Stanford’s 13th PAC-10 player of the year. Make that five out of six years that Stanford has won that award. Head Coach Tara VanDerveer was named PAC-10 Coach of the Year, and it was only 10 for her, but 2 in a row and counting. All in all, six Stanford players were honored.

Jayne was named to the All-Pac-10 First Team, and our fave, Jillian Harmon, was named to the second team and the All-Defensive team. C and R can still see her flying through the air to snatch defensive rebounds in that Arizona State game to win the PAC-10 title. Jeanette Pohlen was also named to the second team and Kayla Pederson was named to the third team. Fresheman Necka Ogwumike was named to the All-Freshmen Team, and Ros Gold-Onwude earned an All-Defensive Team honorable mention. Ros often earned the tough assignment of guarding the other team’s best player. Oh, a bunch of other people won other things in the PAC-10, too. Check it out at the PAC-10 site for the whole story.

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