Friday, March 13, 2009

Courtney, Courtney, Courtney

Normally C and R hate people who brag and boast, but you gotta love Oklahoma basketball player Courtney Paris. She said she came to Oklahoma to win a championship, and this is her last year here, so, one, she predicts they will win, and two, if they do not, she will refund her basketball scholarship, which is worth about $64,000.

Okay, when other athletes brag, or guarantee a win, they are doing just that, bragging. Nothing to back it up with. In fact, if they don’t win, the only consequence is people get to make fun of them for being so boastful. Look back at Joe Namath’s famous guarantee of a Superbowl win. He didn’t offer to refund any money if the Jets lost. Courtney is actually putting her money where her mouth is and saying she will refund the money. She feels so responsible for bringing back a championship that is she does not, she will refund the value of her education. And that is the difference between bragging and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Courtney has an uphill battle. March 21st starts the Women’s NCAA Championship Tournament, or as C and R like to call it, the Everyone-else-fighting-for-the–right-to-get-killed-by-Uconn-in-the-championship-game-tournament. Oklahoma is ranked number 3. (Stanford is number two, but we are not bragging or boasting because even we don’t think we deserve it). By the way, Oklahoma met Uconn earlier this season and lost by 28 points.

Well, this is going to make the tourney that much more interesting!

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