Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bracket Talk

So the media keeps asking and hoping to get Stanford all riled up about "only" getting a number two seed in the NCAA women's basketball tournament. Ya know, the draw we got is not that bad. Duke and Tennessee will have to meet each other in the sweet sixteen. We will, if all goes right, meet Ohio State in the sweet sixteen. Gee, play against the greatest women's basketball coach in Pat Summit or little ol' Ohio State (although with C being from Ohio, she is always happy to see an Ohio team do well). And if Duke prevails over Tennessee to advance and we make it to the elite eight, well, we have a point guard now, and three people over 6'2. As Tara said, we are the most improved team in the country.

Cal, not so lucky. Number 4 seed Cal has to get by number 5 seed Virginia and then play the all star team of number 1-in the-whole-world seed Uconn.

And, oh, former Stanford player Candice Wiggins checked in from Spain and totally agrees with us on her picks. (Wonder if she wants to join our bracket contest?) She said Stanford to the final four, then steamrolled by Uconn. That's what C and R say, too, but she was kinder. She also said nobody plays like our Jayne, not even in the WNBA! But then they were BFFs at Stanford, so maybe we should take that with a grain of salt! Oh, wait, here is more on her picks, which I totally agree with!

Go Stanford! Saturday's game against UC Santa Barbara (oh, my daughter just got accepted there!) is on a "normal" TV channel, ESPN 2, I think at 8 ish after the first game at 5 PM.

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