Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Duke is Out!

So now Duke lost! Ahg…there goes our brackets all to pieces! I am starting to hate that I got involved in this bracket-picking contest at all. It is keeping me form concentrating on the more important issues, such as the selection committee back East, with its West Coast bias, giving Duke the number one seed over Stanford. And DUKE LOST IN THE SECOND ROUND! They lost to number nine seed Michigan State 63-49. Duke didn’t make a shot for the last seven and a half minutes! Duke was outscored 16-2 in the end! Duke shot 27% from the field! The last time a big-time team like this was eliminated this early in the NCAA tournament was 1997. In the last ten years, the only top-seeded team to lose in the second round was Ohio State in 2006 against eighth-seeded Boston College. Their head coach was booed (well, she did coach at Michigan State for the last seven years before running to oh-so-superior-Duke—who’s laughing now?)

Well, the silver lining is this is good news for Stanford. When they beat Ohio State in the Sweet Sixteen on Saturday on practically a home court, they would face the winner of the Michigan St-Iowa State game. Michigan State is seeded 9th and Iowa State (Iowa State?) is seeded 4th.

Both C and R are tied for second in our basketball buddies bracket. C has dropped down to eighth on Women Talk Sports Bracket. (I made different picks on each bracket). It should be a great weekend for Women’s Basketball!

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