Monday, March 16, 2009

Basketball Bracketology

It’s Women’s Bracket Monday and it might have been on TV or not, we don’t know, we couldn’t find the Home Shopping Network. R calls me around 6 PM to say it is not on TV, but Stanford a got a number 2 seed. We go to look it up online and after five fruitless minutes (and five minutes is an eternity online), we find the Women’s Basketball Bracket. The number one seeds are Uconn, Duke, Oklahoma, and Maryland. What, did the selection committee already make up their mind on Friday and take the weekend off? Oklahoma lost in the semis to Texas AM, who is 11-5 in conference play. Stanford played great this weekend in their tournament and blew everyone away by 25 or more points. Plus, we are ranked # 2 in the country and Oklahoma is ranked #4. How did Oklahoma get the first seed over us? No respect for the West.

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