Friday, December 17, 2010

Stanford Loses Big Time to DePaul, VanDerveer Stuck on Win 799.

Thursday night I am nose deep in lesson plans when R calls me in a panic.

*Ring Ring

C: Hello?

R: I have that stupid game tracker on my computer and Stanford is playing Depaul and they are LOSING!

C: Wait, who is this? And who is this “stanford’ you speak of?

R: You know it’s me and you know it’s Stanford and you know they are losing.

C: What? I didn't know they are losing, I am doing lesson plans and don't have game tracker open, it always makes my computer crash. Well, they always trail early in the game and then come on strong…

R: It’s almost half time and they are trailing by nine…

C: Okay, that’s not good.

R: I think my game tracker is frozen. Why oh why can’t the game be televised? I will restart my computer or something and call you back. Bye

*Ring Ring

C: Mike’s pizza, please hold.

R: You’re not funny and I think I figured it out. Kayla is not playing.

C: She must be feeling the effects from her concussion or whatever when she hit her head taking a charge in the Fresno State game.

R: Exactly. We are not okay without Kayla Pedersen, our security blanket. It’s now half time and Pohlen hit a three and we are only down by 2, 37 to 35.

C: I bet they are pressing us. We panic without Kayla.

R: Well, it’s hard to tell with the stupid game tracker, but it looks like we are turning the ball over a lot, and we are fouling, so we are subbing like crazy, Ruef, Tinkle, Sara James, Toni, so it must be hard to find a rhythm

C: What about the sisters? Our beloved Nneka and Chiney?

R: Scrolling through the play by play, it looks like Chiney is missing, then turning the ball over. Nneka hasn’t scored many points.

C: I wish Tara didn’t have the policy of taking out players when they foul. The constant subbing and different personnel sounds like we cannot get in an offensive flow. Call me back when half time starts.

*Ring Ring

R: We lost!

C: That was a quick half.

R: I didn’t want to bother you, and we never regained the lead in the second half.

C: Man, what was the final score?

R: DePaul won 91-71.

C: Wow, they killed us? I thought for sure Nneka and Chiney Ogwumike would save the day and pull out win number 800 for Tara.

R: We just fouled too much, and Depaul made a lot of threes. Nneka only scored 10 points. Plus Pat Summit and Vivian Stringer each got win number 800 against this DePaul coach so he was super motivated to NOT lose to Stanford.

C: Bummer, and since Tara didn’t get her career 800th win, now that Barbara Stevens from DII Bentley College will get there first.

R: I thought they kept Division I and Division II records separate.

C: Good point, but if Bentley wins before Stanford, then Tara VanDeveer will be the sixth coach not the fifth to join the club. Bentley plays Sunday and Stanford plays Sunday. Who is Stanford playing again?

C and R: Tennessee!!

C: Oh no, trying to win the 800th against Pat Summit on their court…

R: …Named after Pat Summit…

C: …Will be all but impossible! I thought we could beat Tennessee easily after the way we beat Texas, after all Baylor handled Tennessee but now I am not so sure.

R: Especially if Kayla stays out.

C: Especially if Kayla stays out. The junior bloggers told me Kayla started in the first game of her freshmen year and has not missed a game, for a total of 121 straight starts.

R: Gotta love those junior bloggers.

C: No wonder we panicked. Everyone there has played with Kayla every single game of their college career, and she is just so naturally strong at every position.

R: Well, at least the Tennessee game will be televised on a proper channel we actually get, so we can see for ourselves what is going down with Stanford on Sunday.

C: Get well soon, Kayla, Stanford needs you!

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