Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Who is in the 800-Win Club?

Quick order of business, we need to follow up on what coaches are in the 800-plus-win club. Reminder, Stanford Head Coach Tara VanDerveer is just 2 wins away from joining that club. Last week or so, C and R asked our faithful viewers who else was in the club. And as anything else in our lives, the answer is complicated. Active, retired, percentages, which Division, all divisions, all time?

So I think we need to qualify it and say Division I college basketball coaches with 800 or more wins, active or retired. Most sites agree on this order:

1. Pat Summitt
2. Judy Conradt
3. C. Vivian Stringer
4. Sylvia Hatchell

C and R love that all the coaches that preceded her are women. (Geno is stuck around the 740’s, hee hee, although to be fair, he has THE highest win percentage to losses).

So VanDerveer will be the fifth coach to join that club. Well, yes, except Barbara Stevens of Division II Bentley College is practically tied with Tara, and what if she gets it first? Will VanDerveer become the 5th or the 6th college coach to join the club? Depends if you say “Division I” or “all time winneniest”. And yes, the NCAA records website uses the word “winningest” so we didn’t make that word up, unless they made that word up then we are all just using a made-up word. Anyway, go Tara.

Congratulations to superfan TG, who won the shirt, although he lost style points for not unearthing Barbara Stevens, and a special shout out to the junior bloggers, because hey, at least they pay attention when not doing homework!

Stanford is back in town Sunday against Fresno State!

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