Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Limited Seats Left for Stanford at USF

Tonight’s game at USF has limited tickets left. Reserved seating is sold out, but general tickets remain, so get there early if you need tickets! Game time is 6:30. Having Stanford, with its large following show up, coupled with the chance for head coach Tara VanDerveer going for win number 800 makes for good ticket sales for USF. Add to that it is USF’s annual "Pack the House Challenge" contest. Each year colleges compete to see who can get the most people to come to their gym on a certain night, and it seems like making the Stanford game the one is a little like cheating, or good business sense.

Speaking of good business sense, C and R had a hard time navigating the USF website. Couldn’t find the roster, current record, schedule in visible links. We had to dig deep. We thought we saw the Dons were 1-13, now we get a press release they are 2-9. Not that we want to short-change anyone a win, when so desperately needed, but someone needs to redo the website. C and R were sent a press kit for tonight’s game and they list Tara VanDerveer’s alma mater as Southern Utah (!) and that she graduated in 1994. Wow, how did she rack up 799 wins? They list her career record as 799-197, and her Stanford record as the same. No, she coached at Idaho and Ohio State and got some of those wins at those places. We’re just sayin’… someone needs to check their facts, and this from two people who routinely say whatever we think without fact checking.

Anyway, see you at the game.

Congratulations to UConn for… CONTINUING  THE STREAK of wins in women’s college basketball with win number 89. Some people have been comparing it to the UCLA men’s streak of 88, which is not the same game, just ask Geno Auriemma. Maya Moore was unbelievable, scoring a career high 41 points, and they beat FSU by 31. Got to see an interview of Tara VanDerveer as the last coach to beat UConn.

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