Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Come See Tara VanDerveer Make History at USF

If there is one silver lining to the fact Stanford Women’ Basketball Coach Tara VanDerveer is stuck on number 799 and could not get win number 800 in two tries on the road it is that she comes back to the Bay Area to try in what amounts to a home game up the hill at USF. And it would be against her first favorite ex-player, Jennifer Azzi. The game is on Wednesday, December 22.

Lots of people have been eyeing Azzi, to see if the former great player can translate her success unto others, and so far her team sits at 1-13. In all fairness, these are not the players she recruited. Hopefully she can turn it around if not this year, then next.

Game time is 6:30 if you want to get front row seats on a piece of history, as everyone is expecting Tara to get win 800 Wednesday. C and R will be there, crashing the interview area. Plenty of tickets left, and the game time is not 7:00, as we saw listed on an old schedule some place, make sure you are there before 6:30.

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