Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Perfect Storm of a Schedule

The Stanford Women’s Basketball Team finally announced their schedule. (And what took them so long? Everyone else has had theirs out for weeks?)

So let’s just take a peeky weeky at December 30th. Oh, it UConn, coming West to face us! UConn will enter this season with a 78 game winning streak, 10 short of the men’s record for consecutive victories D-1 basketball. Just 10 games away from tying the record. Stanford will be game number 11. They have to beat Stanford to get the record. Yes, way.

Stanford was the last team to beat them. Stanford held them to just 12 first half points in the title game last season. UConn barely beat them 53-47 in that game. Stanford star scorer Jayne Appel, who averages about 10 points a game and was playing with a broken foot, went scoreless. She scores seven points…. Wait, sorry, was day dreaming again….

As I was saying…this is a perfect storm, UConn coming west to play us at home is a big game. Stanford being the last team to beat them makes for a big game. Stanford actually having the tools and players to beat UConn, coupled with them losing Tina Charles, makes for a big game. But to get the most sacred record in all of basketball, not just the “women’s” record, but the UCLA men’s record, UConn has to beat Stanford… well….we’re just out of our heads here!!! And you should be, too!

So, you know C and R are set for tickets, thank you very much, courtesy of R, who has been a season ticket holder for twenty bazillion years, through all the dark days and not so very good seasons, and C just showed up when Candice Wiggins joined the team so she has known nothing but perfection. Wait, what was my point? Oh yeah, if you don’t have tickets yet, here is a sweet deal. You can get a five pack. It includes the UConn game and four others of your choice. C and R recommend Rutgers, Xavier, UCLA and Cal. You remember Xavier, don’t you? That was the team Stanford played in the NCAA tournament regional finals and were tied in the closing seconds and Xavier missed not one, but two, two lay ups and with 4.4 seconds Jeannette Pohlen dashed the length of the court for a scoop in! Yes, that cardiac game will be rematched at Stanford. Get the five pack, now!

See ya on the court.

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