Monday, August 30, 2010

“Then I will have two fillings…”

Hi, C here, and I just wanted to let you know no one wrote in to say they knew the Brandi Chastain “I will have two fillings” line, so I guess you REALLY have to be a women’s soccer fan to get the reference. Anyhoo, it was from a commercial for the 1999 World Cup about playing as a team. It was great 11 years ago and it’s still great now. When I first saw it in 1999, I want around for six months saying to everyone who asked me a question, “And I will have two fillings.” That’s how much of a women’s soccer geek I was…am…still is…still am…am…
Enjoy Brandi and Mia Hamm and company courtesy from the You Tube.

Quick, can you name the US goalie seen in the commercial? No fair using the Internet! Don't forget to buy tickets to see Brandi October 2nd. For more information, including ticket purchase information, go to Reach Up World Foundation.

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