Thursday, August 26, 2010

WNBA Playoffs

Hot enough for you Bay Area? C and R are sweating it out and it ain’t pretty. Well, in case you haven’t noticed, the WNBA playoffs started. Seattle ended up with a record tying record, 28-6. But the eight teams that made the play-offs are now saying, “What you did in the regular season don’t mean jack, it’s what you do in the post season that matters.” Or something like that, don’t quote us.

Also saw our Jayne made the play-offs. Well, her team, the San Antonio Silver Stars did, and Jayne is Jayne Appel, former Stanford Women’s Basketball Star who is in her rookie season and NOT tearing it up. We were saddened to see the Stars Chamique Holdsclaw tore her Achilles at the end of the regular season. That’s gonna hurt San Antonio’s chances.

So, as we were saying before we interrupted ourselves, the San Antonio Silver Stars made the playoffs…with a 14-20 record! But it’s okay, not embarrassing, all three teams (out of four) that made the playoffs for the Western Conference had a losing record. Phoenix ended up 15-19 and Los Angeles was even worse than San Antonio at 13-21. Look, if the WNBA wants to attract more fans, we have to but out a quality product. At least in the Eastern Conference the four teams out of eight that made the play-offs had winning records. And the fifth team, UConn lite, uh, we mean the Connecticut Suns, who didn’t even make the playoffs went 17-17, a better record than three out of the four in the Western Conference playoffs! We’re just sayin’.

Oh, wait a minute, C and R’s little pea-brains just flashed on something. Jayne Appel, former Stanford player whose last college game was a devastating loss in the title game to Tina Charles’ Connecticut team, where she was playing on a broken foot and scored zero points for the first time in her college life and transitioned right away to the WNBA where she, as we said, not tearing it up her rookie year and averaging 2.5 points per game, made the playoffs with a team that was 13-21, and fellow rookie Tina Charles, who IS tearing it up as a rookie in the WNBA averaging 11.7 points and lead her team to a 176-17 record is sitting at home?!?!! (OW, R just punched me for that very long sentence.) Even C and R feel for Tina Charles. Something must be up cosmically. Wouldn’t it be great if Jayne goes into a play off game and only scores one basket, but it is the basket to win the championship? Stranger things have happened!

Anyhoo, it will be hard to stop the juggernaut that is Seattle. Superstar Lauren Jackson is supported by Sue Bird and Swin Cash, and that takes a lot of pressure off... well each other, as they don’t have to come out each night trying to score 50 million points. They can feed whoever is hot that night. Lat year’s champs, Phoenix Mercury, were similar in that they had 3 players that consistently scored in double figures. Plus they pressed the heck out of everyone. And fast breaked the heck out of everyone. Plus they had Taurasi. “nuf said.

Well, it will be interesting to see if Seattle can run the table and continue the success they had in the regular season, as what you did in the regular season… uh, see above.

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