Friday, September 24, 2010

Women's Professional Soccer

Good News Everyone (to quote my favorite cartoon, Futurama):
Our San Francisco paper had a story about women’s sports. On the front page even. It involved a women’s professional sport, women’s soccer.

Bad News Everyone (As the Professor will say on Futurama when he is about to send his employees on a mission of doom):
The story says the league is in danger of folding, sending all the players to their doom. Bummer.
WPS Championship is Sunday, Sunday, Sunday at 2 PM on TV even. SF Bay Pride, with the world’s best player, Marta, will be in the game. Watch it and support the home team, or any team. Write your sports paper, ESPN, Fox Sports Network which is hosting the game, and say you want to see and hear more Women’s Pro Soccer It’s the least we can do.

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