Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jennifer Azzi on Title IX

-Jennifer Azzi
-Title IX explained that it is not cutting men’s sports but colleges living up to their promise to equal access (to sports, to classes, to a degree) for all college members.
-Cal cutting sports programs
-Jennifer Azzi

What more could you want from a story on Swish Appeal, the women’s sports blog.

How about:
-Jennifer Azzi talking about the WNBA.
-Jennifer Azzi leading a clinic with Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson.

It’s a Jennifer Azzi fest, which is okay with C and R , our favorite ABL player. (google it, we’ll wait… we actually went to Laser games in SJ)

Wait… did we just say Cal cutting sports? Sing with us… One of these things just doesn’t belong here! Jennnefer Azzi fest--happy, cutting sports--sad.

Okay, C and R love to kid anything Cal-related, but we are always saddened to hear that college sports need to be cut for whatever reason, such as budget constraints or colleges not compiling with Title IX. Cal has been in the papers out here because they have more sports programs then most colleges and the University itself is facing huge cutbacks on most everything, not just sports, so….

And C and R are always saddened if it is women or men’s sports that are being cut. Sports programs bring in visibility for a college and the important monetary donations, as well as bring a student body together and benefit the student athlete. It contributes to a well-rounded education for player and fan alike.

Read the article, Jennifer says it better than we ever could.

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