Monday, April 19, 2010

You've Got Mail

Hi, C of the basketball duo C and R here, and I am so excited because a fan letter just came pouring in today. Let me read it to you.
Dear C and R,
I cannot find the junior bloggers.  Are they still blogging?
Love and Kisses,

Sigh. Even our fan mail is not about us. Such is the life of a blogger who blogs about women’s sports, I guess! (okay, I did add the “love and kisses” part and I was jk-- in text speak, just kidding, AR), But in the interest of answering your question, our Palo Alto Junior Bloggers J and K are still with us, just enmeshed in homework and facebook. Well, although, I think if was spring break for them, so probably more of the latter than the former.

Hey wait, here is junior blogger J with an update (all typos are hers, unless I created them):
I was on a plane from O'Hare Airport in Chicago coming home to San Francisco Airport, and guess who were sitting three rows behind me but... Kayla, Jayne and Nneka!!! No, I'm not even kidding!! They were coming home from the Team USA practices. I said "Hi," Dad said we had season tickets, I said we were going to the banquet, they said great, see you there. And then Dad was calling Mom after we came off the plane and the three of them walked out and they all smiled and Jayne said, "See you on Thursday!" I didn't know what to say. I sort of stared at her for a minute and then came to my senses and said, "Oh! Yeah! Definitely!" It was amazing. Haha :)

Okay, even I think I make this stuff up!

The Kayla, Jayne and Nneka she is talking about are the trio of trees, Stanford’s very own Kayla Pedersen, Jayne Appel and Nneka Ogwumike. And I am about ready to induct them into C and R’s Stanford Women’s Basketball Stalking Hall of Fame, which I just invented on teh spot. Can you believe it? Of all the planes…. I would have gotten 50 million autographs and then talked IN-DEPTH about that UConn game and what, oh what, if Jayne had been healthy and what they gleaned from their practices with Geno until they made the stewardess throw me off the plane at 50,000 feet.

For those of you not ITK (in the know-texting lingo), Thursday, April 21 is the end of the year awards banquet for the Stanford Women’s Basketball players. Let’s hope our junior bloggers send us an update on the evening. With their great luck/stalking abilities, I am sure they will have some inside scoop!

C and R can’t go because R has a job and C has jury duty! Yes really. I have been contacted about three other times over the years and have never been called down. So dear reader(s), can you imagine justice and jurisprudence meted out by my razor sharp mind, the fate of the free world resting on my head, the thin line between society and anarchy held in check by me, denizen of details, typer of typos,… uh, forgot what I was saying. Anyway, I can’ t go to the awards ceremony because I am on call with the superheroes at the hall of justice and could be called ANY SECOND. Get off the phone. Now!

My other basketball buddy actually got her group number called a few weeks ago and went to the court house to be screened by the lawyers for a trial case. She was not looking forward to serving on a long trial. We all made up radical excuses for her to tell the lawyers to get herself dismissed from the case, such as she was a Satan worshipper or hated all men or was looking forward to the trial to silence the voices in her head...  I know, we are bad, helping our friend shirk her civic and patriotic duty and NOT being good role models for our junior bloggers, are we? We should be inducted in to C and R’s Hall of Shame.

Anyhoo, when it was her turn, they asked her one question: where did you grow up? She said Utah and they dismissed her without another word. So we think they assumed she most be Mormon and republican and how dare they stereotype and type cast people without getting to know the real person inside and we were so outraged that we almost forgot she really was Mormon and republican, but they didn’t KNOW that for reals. Geez. Hmm, I don’t know if being from Ohio will be enough to get me excused so I might have to go with the devil worshiping thing or else say I am a CAL fan…ahh, I am so bad, go to the corner of the hall of shame, right now, young lady.

Anyway, keep those fan letters coming, and maybe ask about us or something. If you do go to the awards ceremony on Thursday, drop us a line and let us know what you saw, thought, felt. (or, you know, do our job for us and we will give you half our salary… -half of zero is still zero, isn't it? I am not too good with the math skills, either). Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

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