Monday, April 12, 2010

Life After Basketball--Includes a lot of Basketball

So how’s your life now that Stanford Women’s Basketball is over? C and R’s is awful, or maybe it’s the rain that is depressing us. It’s April, we don’t get rain in Northern CA in April!

Not only are we depressed; we are lethargic and lazy, too. So skipping back to last week, R wanted to point this out

Did you notice the only other pac-10 player drafted (besides our Jaynie-Jayne) was Alexis Gray-Lawson - in the 3rd round? Also, the only other West coast team that had anybody drafted was San Diego State (Oops-don't forget Gonzaga) - okay, the West gets NO respect…

Good Point. No Rodney Dangerfield Respect.

More depressing, JJ Hones has microfracture surgery on her knee (and Mel Murphy will soon). The surgery creates tiny fractures in the bone and, in theory, new cartilage forms and will strengthen the bone. She will know in six months if she can play basketball for Stanford again.

In other basketball news, Team USA, the National Team that plays in all our international tournaments, including the Olympics, has no international tournaments scheduled for a long while, so Team USA head coach Geno Auriemma (you know, that pompous guy that gave NO credit to Stanford for holding his UConn team to 12 points, the worst performance in school history in a half, that guy?), um, lost my train of thought. Oh yeah, Geno has no competition for the National Team to play against so he came up with the idea of a Team USA “Select Team” to play against this week. Think of it as the junior varsity to the varsity team. Anyway, Stanford’s Kayla Pedersen has been invited to play for the select team. Yay! Nneka Ogwumike is already on the select team, and we thought she was asked to the varsity team, so what do we know? And we are glad to find out that although Jayne Appel is too injured to play (stress fracture) she is at camp to watch and learn for when she is better. And we think she is slated for the National Varsity Team.

Oh, they listed Kayla’s National Team accomplishments as a 2010 All-Final Four selection and three-time USA Basketball gold medallist. Kayla has USA Basketball experience with the “Age Groups” teams, meaning she played on the U18, U19 Teams, and at the USA Basketball World University Games Team in July, 2009. She won gold medals all three times.

C and R fully expect to see Kayla on the big girl team someday.

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