Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taxing Day

Taxing day, so why don’t we re-live the PAC-10 season, the one where the Stanford Women’s Basketball team made it to the NCAA title game and Cal brought home their first-ever WNIT crown. Tons of records here, too.

Speaking of taxes, are you worried that Jayne Appel will have to deal with adult issues and complicated taxes and mortgages living on her own in San Antonio for the first time ever and drawing a pro salary? Well, don’t be, as she will only make $49,000. WNBA rookies get paid a minimum $35,190, but since Jayne was drafted 5th,  she gets the 49K. Well, geez, you ask, how much do the established veterans make? The maximum WNBA salary for veteran players in 2010 is $101,000. Currently, the average NBA salary is 5 mil. Women basketball players can make more playing in Europe in the WNBA “off-season.”

Jayne currently is in UConn territory watching the National Team play and trying to learn from Geno Auriemma’s system in the hopes she will some day be healthy enough to play for him. It must be so frustrating for Jayne not to play, especially since the only center on the National Team is Tina Charles! Geno said he really wants to utilize Jayne and her passing game. Get well, soon Jayne, and show Geno and the world what you can do after being hurt in that Title game. (And bring back some UConn secrets you can share with Tara and the gang!)

Check out pictures of Jayne with the National Team, including one with her talking to Tina Charles.

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