Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Watching Games

Thanks to all who wrote in about how to find certain Stanford Women’s Basketball games that people missed seeing or want to savor over and over again (UConn!).

Here is what we can share. If you want to see the UConn game online, go to ESPN3. Warning, this site was extremely slow, so proceed with extreme patience, and make sure you have all your other programs closed because it crashed my computer, or else the little gerbils that run on their treadmill to power my CPU got tired.

I bombed out three times until I got all the info, listed here:
go to ESPN3
click “all leagues” and set to women's basketball
click “replay” tab
click "all" instead of 7 days
scroll down to Dec 30-whoop there it is!

As for the UCLA PAC-10 tournament game, still no luck, some suggested the All Access site, but heard it was not on it

On a side note, I learned all about the magical world of DVR burning. I had no idea you could do that! It sounds waaay beyond C and R’s scope and power.

Oh, I did have a lovely chat with Stanford’s official video intern and asked her how Stanford gets all their film on opposing teams, because, you know, Tara VanDerveer is such a mastermind at analyzing the other teams. How does she see them all, enquiring minds want to know. Here is what the video intern said:

We get film on other schools in a variety of ways. The Pac-10 teams are required by the conference to upload their games to a conference server. Each school has access to and can download films from all of the other schools.

For non-conference games, there are online film exchange services that teams subscribe to. Stanford subscribes to a main one and utilizes this service to send and receive film on non-conference opponents. We still have to request games from other schools (either done directly through the opponent for a "direct" exchange or through the opponent's previous opponents), but exchanging online is a much cheaper, quicker, and easier process than sending films through the mail.

On another side note, we are partnering again with Women Talk Sports to have a bracket challenge. Last year they had prizes and everything. R won a sports bra and C won a digital sports watch (high quality). Okay, R really won both prizes but she gave me the watch. Will give details soon, hopefully tomorrow. I think they are going to use the ESPN site.

See, C and R told ya Stanford had the toughest road to the Final Four

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