Friday, March 18, 2011

Tournament Time

C and R are getting geared up for the first round of the Women’s NCAA Basketball tournament being held at Stanford on March 19th. The Stanford Women’s Basketball Team plays UC Davis at 3:30 PM Pacific time, so don’t go by the Eastern time and miss the game.

Last year, the NCAA had a different set of rules than Maples and did not let in any outside food or water. C remembers the rows of reusable water bottles lined up against the wall just outside the entrance that the owners brought and did not want to abandon. So if you are planning on bringing food or water, be forewarned.

In other news, our Number One Fan (N1F) sent us a link to an article written by her sister for “Sports Illustrated”. It is a story about our sisters. Well, Stanford’s sisters, the Ogwumike’s, and it includes correct pronunciations for everybody. And it is really good, although C and R are biased and very interested in the subject matter. It has been a joy to watch their exuberance of playing basketball and playing together. Anyone watching them for all of five minutes can clearly tell they have special bond. Check out the article.

Also check out the cover of Sports Illustrated March Madness issue.
It features a collage of the men’s college basketball players, which is to be expected, and a few college women’s players, one of who is our very own Nneka Nneka. SI has different players on the regional issues, and on some of them, Nneka is covered by the shoe of the featured men’s player. Sigh.

C and R were also able to identify:
Baylor’s Britney Griner
Texas A & M’s Danielle Adams
Tennessee’s Meighan Simmons
Xavier’s Amber Harris (we think)
Two different women in blue uniforms, (we think one might be from Duke)
 UConn Women’s basketball Head Coach Geno Auriemma
Maybe a women’s player in green?
(C and R did not notice Maya Moore, although our screen resolution is bad and we are too cheap to actually buy the cover. Feel free to correct of if we are wrong on any of the women’s players, or you know the names of the ones we don’t).

So even with the mystery player in green, that makes nine women’s players. And yet we did see five cheerleaders and nine mascots, added together they make more than the women we saw. Could we get an inside cover of a collage of just the women players? Could we get an "amen?"

Oh, another article about Stanford just popped up over at Sports Illustrated. Well, just popped into our radar. This is written by Ann Killion, who used to be “local” and wrote for the San Jose paper. Talks about the upcoming games.

Don’t forget to fill out your women's bracket before the games start.

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