Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stanford Bracketology

Did Stanford get the hardest bracket, or what? If the Stanford Women's Basketball team wins their first round game against UC Davis, they meet Baylor-killer Texas Tech. Then, there is UCLA and Xavier lurking, both teams out for personal revenge. And if they make it to the final four, they get the privilege of playing… Baylor! The one team C and R are worried about. Sigh. Who does Baylor have to worry about? Middle Tennessee State, for goodness sakes.

In other stuff, it was nice to see the Stanford team on TV in the women’s locker room awaiting the bid news (C has been inside there, you know), but it was even better to see other teams in their gyms with more school support. Some schools had students and cheerleaders supporting them on camera. Maybe next year, Stanford? C and R would be happy to be in the background!

Other other news. C and R have been asked by several readers how to get copies of certain games, most notably the UConn game and the UCLA championship game. We have no clue. Any help from you readers would be greatly appreciated.

Go Stanford!

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