Thursday, July 1, 2010

Slow Summer

Is it July already? How’s your summer going? Ours is a little slow going, and we haven’t been to SF yet to watch the Stanford young uns in the pro-am league yet, although R did get the letter to buy the Stanford season tickets, so yay, that makes us fell like college basketball is right around the corner.

In other basketball news, Jayne Appel finished in the top ten for All Star voting, or whatever you want to call this game between Team USA and WNBA All Stars.  So C and R read that if you are voted in the game and are already a Team USA member, you get to play for Team USA. Well, Jayne was at the last 2 USA training camps, although she was injured and yet her name was not on the Team USA roster. It is being reported on the WNBA site that Jayne will practice along side Team USA in the mini-training camp before the All Star game “in hopes of being added to the squad at a later date”. Hmmm. Noticed there were 7 former or current (Maya Moore) UConn players on Team USA roster. Oh, did we forget to mention the USA head coach is the head coach of UConn?

Plus, Team USA will scrimmage the Australian National Team the day after the All Star game, yet the game is not opened to the public. Double hmmmm. Man, they have a captive women’s basketball audience in town watching the All Star game and the next day Team USA plays Australia and you don’t think to sell tickets, T-Shirts, televise it and advertise and make money!?!! Are we missing something?

C and R are bummed the Candices are out of training camp (The Candi?). Candice Wiggins and Candace Parker are both injured and out for the year.

In other news that just might affect basketball…
We forgot to give you the finalized count of teams defecting to the PAC-10. Just the two. Colorado jumped right away and when the big schools in Texas and Oklahoma didn’t budge, the PAC-10 got Utah to have an even dozen. Now there is talk of implementing the change in 2011. The San Fran Chronicle said The PAC-12 was thinking of having two conferences and drawing a line somewhere in Mountain View, so Stanford and CAL would still play each other but UCLA will be in the other division and that was probably going to be our closest rival for the next few years. The funny thing was the PAC-10 was hoping to bring in higher profile schools to make more money off of their football games, and when that failed miserably, the teams are going to lose even more money from the (non) match ups. Utah vs. Stanford in football? Does that sound like a guaranteed sell out at Stanford to you?

Have a cool Fourth if we don’t hear from you, and don’t blow off any fingers. Let us know if you have seen any of the Stanford Pro Am games. 

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