Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jayne in the WNBA

The following conversation took place on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 between Stanford Women’s Basketball fanatics C and R. Let’s start when C called R at her home, not on her fancy cell phone.

Ring Ring

R: Hello…

C: Hey, it’s me. What are you doing?

R: Exercising and watching Jayne not play.

C: What? You’re exercising!
(No just kidding, R walks on her treadmill most days and has the calf muscles to prove it- let’s replay from the beginning)

Ring Ring

R: Hello…

C: Hey, it’s me. What are you doing?

R: Watching Jayne not play.

C: What? Women’s Basketball is on TV?
(no, no, no…the coverage of the WNBA has gotten pretty good. The powers that be show game on ESPN or the second ESPN channel and now they are doing double headers. C and R have both noticed that the announcers are very knowledgeable and they try to broadcast the coaches talking to players at half time, which is cool. And the games themselves are pretty exciting. Let’s start again)


R: Hello…

C: Hey, it’s me. What are you doing?

R: Watching Jayne not play.

C: What?

R: The Antonio Silver Stars are playing the New York Liberty…

C: …With ex-Stanford Nicole Powell…

R: Yes, and former Stanford as of a few months ago Jayne Appel is riding the bench… Hey, there’s Jayne on TV

C: Is she in the game?

R: Still on the bench but the cameras love her no matter where she stands.

C: Or sits.

R: Wait, she’s going in... has the ball..

C: Did she shoot?

R: No, she’s involved in the play… looking good…. But still looks like a rookie.

C: Bummer.

R: She’s doing the Tara VanDerveer moves.

C: What is that?

R: She’s using her head, she set a pick at the top of the screen, she knows what she is doing, but everyone else can run and jump higher than her. She just boxed out well, but can’t jump for the ball.

C: Poor thing, she must still be hurting with her injuries. She could jump at Stanford. Do you feel she is contributing when she is on the floor?

R: Yes, she is contributing, maybe it won’t show up in the stat columns, but she is helping the team.

C: Well, that’s good. I hope she can heal in the off-season.

R: Closing seconds, NY Liberty and Nicole Powell won. Hey, they just said Phoenix with Diana Taurasi playing Seattle and Lauren Jackson next.

C: Cool! Love Taurisi

R: Love Taurisi (that's Ta-RA-see, with an "A")

C: How did you know how I spelled it if this is a phone conversation?

R: What?

C: What? Anyhoo, Remember when the USA National Team came to Stanford to play them and Tau-RA-si looked like a woman among girls?

R: Yes. She was amazing, so fast and powerful. Well, now that Jayne is off my screen, I need to go back to workin’ out.

C: Don’t forget we are going to see the Stanford freshmen play in the championship game in San Francisco in the Pro-Am summer league a week from this Saturday.

R: You mean August 7th?

C: Yes that weekend.

R: Oh, I won’t forget it, the championship game, best 2 out of 3. That should be fun.

C: And (to our junior bloggers) it’s free.

R: See ya there!

C: I’ll let you get back to your treadmill.

R: Only 40 more minutes left.

C: Rock on, man.

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