Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jayne in the WNBA (part 2)

And now, a guest blog post for C and R's Stanford Women’s Basketball blog because, hey, it’s summer and we are lazy. This account of former Stanford rookie Jayne Appel playing in a WNBA game for San Antonio was submitted by TG.(Comments in parenthesis are C and R’s because, hey, we are just snarky that way)

Jayne scored eight 4th quarter points in a (rare) San Antonio win that went down to the wire: 79 - 75.  Made 2 free throws with 57 seconds left to increase lead to 4 (that’s Tara talkin’ there).  Still seems like her mobility is not 100% but a lot better than a month ago.  Coaches must have confidence in her to play her most of the 4th quarter in a tight game...(good point, we hadn’t thought of that)

Love WNBA but ... is it November yet? (Oh man, C and R here ya, TG!)

Well, C and R are going to get a little fix next Saturday when we travel to the far reaches of San Francisco and see the Stanford freshmen play in their league championship game. Come join us.

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