Friday, February 12, 2010

When is the Stanford Game?

So I rush home Thursday night after dropping off the boys at water polo practice and log on to my computer and navigate to the Stanford schedule page and call up Gametracker, only to discover that the Stanford Women’s Basketball team is not playing that night. They play the following night, Friday. Geez, who ever heard of a Friday night game? But be kind to me, (this is C writing by the way) as I have had another rough week.

Remember how I wrote in a previous post that my 16 year old son uses his cell phone to text pretty blonde girls and never calls me, and when he finally did it was because he had split his head open on a water polo post and was bleeding all over the place? ‘Member? Well, I was driving home from work and checked my phone for any calls from R, who usually calls me with something interesting about women’s basketball she saw on the web when lo, and behold my little phone said I missed a call from my son. Two in one month, how did I get so luck…wait a minute, last time he called it was bad news. Ah, this is not going to be good. I listen to the message and discover, yes, this is not good. My son, who has had his driver’s license for all of a month and a half, has hit a parked car! And he was driving his sister’s car. Luckily no one was injured, good news. Bad news, he hit the gas instead of the brake and bent the heck out of his sister’s car. The hood, the frame in two places, has to be realigned, busted out the lights on the passenger side… and you should have seen the other car! Pushed in the back door of a little Rav 4. Man, maybe we should push the driving age up to 18. Needless to say he is learning an expensive lesson and is paying for the damages out of our pocket.

Well, okay, to steer this post back to women’s basketball, USA Today recently had an article about What does UConn's dominance mean for women's basketball? Stanford coach Tara VanDerveer and Tennessee’s Pat Summit are quoted. You can even leave your comment and be part of the news!

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