Saturday, February 20, 2010

Three-Headed Monster

Swish Appeal, your one stop shopping for PAC-10 blogging (hey, let's put that on a T-Shirt!), has a nice article on Stanford’s Kayla Pedersen. They charmingly call her “The Calming Force of Stanford’s Three-Headed Monster”. C and R get quoted, too. Maybe that’s why we are partial to this website! Warning, the Three Headed Monster Article might reveal our beloved Nneka Ogwumike in a possibly bad light (RE: She missed her defensive assignment and left Jayne Appel out to dry-but it’s okay, Stanford is smart and can adjust). You know, the article expresses all the great things we have said about Kayla’s smarts through the years… oh just go read the article.

Speaking of articles, Mechelle Voepel of ESPN wrote a great article about Stanford. It’s a “We-Get-No-Respect-But-That’s-Okay-With-Us” type. It sounds like Mechelle was at the Stanford Women’s Basketball Game vs. Oregon, as she described that great play Nneka had almost out jumping an Oregon player from behind for a rebound. I wonder if Stanford threw her a red victory ball?

Oh, this was interesting to C and R, a little tidbit about Tennessee in the ESPN article:
-Tennessee left center Kelley Cain in Knoxville on Thursday because she had missed a lot of class work and needed to catch up. The fact that Tennessee was playing at the SEC's last-place team, Alabama, certainly made that decision easier. But it contributed to a much closer than expected game, which Tennessee still won, 74-67.-

Hee hee, bet Stanford head coach Tara VanDerveer has never had to do that to one of her players. Bet Tennessee coach Pat Summitt STILL wishes she had Jayne Appel.

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