Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stanford Mail Bag

Time to open up the ol’ mail bag, or email bag, now that we actually have mail from Stanford Women’s Basketball fans.

Thanks to all who wrote in to say they heard the Tinkle Bells mentioned on the USC-Stanford TV broadcast! The announcer mentioned that Stanford fans (that’s us) like to shake little jingle bells whenever Stanford’s Joslyn Tinkle does something good on the court. What started out as a little social experiment has hit the big time! We were hoping to get on National TV, too, as the announcer asked where we were seated but it wasn’t meant to be.

Oh, Mrs. Tinkle wrote in, too! For C and R, it’s like saying Mrs. Claus dropped off some cookies. (It’s funny, with the Tinkle Bells, we forget “Tinkle” stands for someone’s last name and there are real people attached to the Tinkle name). We hope to catch up with her, too, the next time she is in town.

Another fan saw the same report as C that Florida State University (FSU) got penalized for cheating. C went to the University of Florida for Grad School and our archrival was Florida State, much like the Stanford-Cal rivalry. Anyway, Florida State was sanctioned in part for letting 61 student-athletes cheat and they must give up wins in various programs, including some in football. The men’s basketball team lost all 22 wins from 2006-07, and women’s basketball lost 16 victories that year, including two in the NCAA tournament. Super Fan TG pointed out that FSU beat Stanford in the second round of the NCAA tournament in 2007. Do we get that back as a win? How does that work? Does anyone know?

Well, we’ll be going through withdrawal as Stanford is heading North to Washington to take on the two PAC-10 foes up there and no TV coverage. Next home game is the 18th, and wear pink for breast cancer awareness night.

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