Thursday, August 27, 2009

Candice Works Out

Former Stanford star and current WNBA star Candice Wiggins has a new training video. Yay. I guess you could say it is more of a commercial. (If you can't view it at, view it here on Facebook). Nike has renewed its partnership with the WNBA. Yay. Realists know women's sports needs to make money to continue and one of the ways is to have corporate sponsors on board, and Nike is pretty big. She is part of an ad campaigned called "Delicious Training" Um, Yay, we think.

We love that the video shows a strong and confident Candice working out and demonstrating feats of strength. Does she has to be in such sexy clothing that it bears her midriff and reveals her underwear? And, of all the names to give to a new campaign for women to workout to, how did they come up with "Delicious"? When C and R workout we think blood, sweat, and tears. What, any combination of "Strong and/or Healthy Women" was already taken?

The Nike Women's Website features links to join Nike Training and gadgets to help you stay with your personal work out goals. It also features sexy workout clothes. Sigh.

Further examination of the site reveals an interview of Candice while on the set of the shoot for the training video. It is entitled "Baller, Boxer, Beauty - Triple Threat Wiggins Is A Knock Out". Really. What if Candice didn't fit the mold for what society deems physically "beautiful". Would they say, "Baller, Boxer and okay looking if she didn't have such a big chin and wide set eyes?" We just hate that sex and sexy images are tied to promoting women athletes.

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