Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stanford Defeats Davis

One thing we know for sure, UC Davis is better than Cal Poly. The Stanford Women’s Basketball team beat Davis today by 18, the final score 66-48. They beat Cal Poly by 35 two days ago.

UC Davis always gives Stanford a good game. They usually are speedy and they had some good shooters today. This game stated out fast and UC Davis was aggressive. So Stanford was fast and aggressive right back. That's how it’s been with Sanford in the last few years; they always play up (or down) to their opponent. The other opponent is a run and gun team, Stanford is running and gunning faster. The other team has a slow offense, Stanford has a sluggish offense. The game this season with UConn saw both teams stay stuck at two points for five minutes.

This UC Davis game was also very physical. The refs are supposed to be calling the games tighter and not allowing much contact. Today there was lots o’ contact, and lots o’ not called. On one play, three separate Stanford players went flying to the ground, no fouls called. And that was just on defense.

Karlie Samuelson
Stanford guard Karlie Samuelson and forward Chiney Ogwumike (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
Today two freshmen got the start. Lili (Lee-Lee) Thompson, who started last game, was the first. The second was a surprise in Erica (Bird) McCall. She started in place of freshmen Kailee (KJ) Johnson, who made her way into the game for 13 minutes. Fourth freshmen Karlie (needs to get red shoes) Samuelson got extended minutes (33 to be exact) and played some really good defense, although she was on the floor a lot. Literally, was knocked to the floor a lot, and took at least one charging call, if not two. Fifth freshmen Briana (nickname pending) Roberson did not play, injuries.

The stat line for the freshies: Karlie Samuelson had career highs of eight points (made two three-pointers), six assists, four rebounds and 33 minutes. Bird scored five points with six rebounds. Lili just had two points, with several shots rimming out, but plenty of intensity and drive, calling for the ball, and pushing the tempo up court.

So what about the veterans? Senior Chiney (All-Everything) Ogwumike got her fourth double-double in as many games for the 62 nd of her career. UC Davis could not stop her in the low post, even when they knew it was coming. In 33 minutes, Chiney scored 28 points and had 15 rebounds and three blocks, two on the same possession. Fifth year senior Mikaela (sprained her ankle, got it taped, went back in, what a trooper) Ruef scored eight and grabbed eight boards. Junior Amber Orr(rr)ange scored 10 and had four assists. She is best on the dribble-drive, and had some beauties today.

Head coach Tara (TVD) VanDerveer, even the perfectionist, was not totally happy with the win.  “We’ve been spoiled with Chiney,” VanDerveer said. “We need more help and more people doing it. We need to see what we can do to help her.”

Of course, she does have a point. But the good news is this freshmen class has a lot of potential. TVD is giving them good experience by letting them play many minutes. Check back in with these freshmen by February, and they should be contributing a lot more. How exciting.

Next game for Stanford is at Texas, then off to Mexico for some fun and sun and run and gun in a three-day tournament for Thanksgiving.

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