Saturday, November 9, 2013

Stanford Beats Boston College

The Stanford Women’s Basketball Team opened their season with a win over Boston College (oops, spoiler alert!). Unfortunately, the game was not televised anywhere, although I was told later the Boston website gave live access. They probably regretted it. Although the final score was 83-71, it sounds like the Stanford starters whipped up on them late in the first half.

So C and R were golfing at the same time as the game since there was no reason to waste a perfectly good warm, sunny Northern California day inside. When we finally (rudely) pulled out our smarter-than-us-phone to take a peekie weekie at the score, Twitter said Stanford was losing 18-13 early on. We kept checking Twitter, and we think Twitter must be stuck or something because BC keeps staying at 18. But wait a minute; Stanford’s score is going up (C and R are a bit slow). Now Stanford is wining 18-20, now 18-26, then 18-30, then 18-37, then EIGHTEEN TO FORTY-ONE! Stanford had just gone on a 28-0 run, and held BC scoreless for 11 minutes and 25 seconds. Wow! Boston College finally scored again with a minute left in the first half.

Half time score was 44-24 Stanford.

Stanford Freshmen
Jail Break for the Stanford Women's Basketball Team
Courtesy AP Photo/Winslow Townson

With a comfortable 20 point lead, we put the phone away for awhile, (and shank one left) and when we turn it back on we see Stanford senior Chiney Ogwumike has scored 30 points and grabbed 14 boards, for her first double-double of the year. (She even made one outside the paint, a 22-footer!). The official Stanford Women’s Basketball Twitter account tells us she lead the nation last year with 28 of ‘em. Only 27 more double-doubles to go...

So last year, Stanford knew they had a great player in Chiney, but at times others would stand and watch her score and rebound, so much that Stanford head coach Tara VanDerveer sarcastically dubbed them Chiney and the Chinettees. (Hey, we like that, gotta put that on a T-Shirt). So it was great to also see from Twitter that Junior Point Guard Amber Orrrange (not a typo, well okay a typo, her name is really spelled with two “R”s –Orrange- but we like to give her a little extra lovin’) was one rebound shy of a triple double, something that hasn’t happened for a Stanford player since, oh, 2002. Her stat line was 19 points, 10 assists and nine rebounds. She also stands five foot seven. And when your five foot seven point guard is getting rebounds, then you know you won the rebounding battle, as Stanford did 44-26.

Three-point specialist junior Bonnie Samuelson, who has been injured this preseason, added 15 points to the cause, making three out of seven three-pointers. Freshmen sister Karlie made a three on four three-point attempts. Other Senior Sara James, who has also been hurt, saw limited action with 12 minutes and no points. Fifth year Senior Mikaela Ruef scored eight points and grabbed 10 rebounds, almost a double-double.

Speaking of freshmen, how did the Fab Five do? Briana Roberson is hurt and DNP (Did-not-play for those of you not with the lingo). Karlie S. as we mentioned scored a three. Guard Lili (Lee-Lee) Thompson got her first collegiate points, scoring a basket and missing a free throw. Possibly a three-point play? Erica McCall also scored a basket and made a free throw, so also a three-point play? She made her FT shot (Lili!). But we don’t know because the game wasn’t televised!!! Kailee Johnson started but not score any points in 14 minutes of action, and no, we can’t tell you why because the game was not televised. Did we mention how saddened we were the game was not televised?

So great win, pat on the back, now off to the frozen tundra of…(cue ominous music) dunt dunt dunnnnnt…UConn!

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