Monday, August 15, 2011

Stanford Women’s Basketball 2011-2012 Schedule is Here

Stanford Women’s basketball released their 2011-2012 schedule today. Most notable, for C and R anyway, is the December 20th match-up with Tennessee here at Maples. Get your tickets early. (Notable away game is UConn November 21st). For those of you who remember 1997, Stanford meets Old Dominion this year, so try not to hyperventilate (quoting twitter-buddy @SGC72). We had to be reminded of history-ODU knocked Stanford out of the Final Four in a heartbreaking overtime loss in 1997, and it would be 11 long years of no Final Fours until Candice Wiggins!

Also, this year starts Pac-12 play, and this article explains the confusing formula for playing 8 teams twice and 4 teams once, and how that rotates through the years. C and R thought they created the Pac-12 to have two “flights’, such as the SEC with 6 teams in the “Eastern” and six teams in the “Western” divisions. Then they have a reason to have the end of the season tournament to determine who is the conference champion. But what do we know? Maybe all the teams want to play Stanford and couldn’t bear the thought of being in the division without Stanford! Hee hee

See ya at Maples. Soon. Very Soon.

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