Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pat Summitt Shocks Women’s Basketball World, Diagnosed with Early Dementia

The Women’s Basketball World was shocked today with news that legendary coach Pat Summitt has been diagnosed with early onset dementia (“Alzheimer’s Type”). Writer Sally Jenkins, who helped Pat Summitt write two of her books, wrote a touching article for the Washington Post. You can read it and also watch her interview Pat.

If you can’t get the video, go to the Washington Post Link.

Pat released this video on the Official Tennessee Vols site, stating that she has always been about honesty. And then she was brutally honest. And very calm and classy. The Pat Summitt way.

Go to the You Tube site if you cannot get the video.

She wants “No pity party” and will continue to coach with much help from her staff, with the blessing of her University. Classy lady gets a classy act right back at her. That’s the way it should be.
The Twitter world explored with an outpouring of support and love and good wishes from anybody who cares about women’s basketball, and the name “Pat Summitt” was a trending topic. Many major news media orgazations picked up on the AP feed and placed it on their websites and Tweeted about it. C and R only wish the mainstream media would give as much coverage to women’s basketball when something good happens, too. (Incidentally, R noticed last year that Pat Summit seemed “out of it” and let her assistants do all the talking in huddles. We’re sure others who were closer must have noticed, too).

Stanford Women’s Basketball coach Tara VanDerveer released this statement on the Official Stanford Women’s Basketball Facebook Page:
"Hearing today's news about Pat Summit's diagnosis was numbing to me," said Stanford head coach Tara VanDerveer. "Pat is not only a great coach but she has been an outstanding mentor and friend. She has shown great courage in announcing this news. I know that she has the best support group around her that anyone could ask for, and I know that Pat will fight this development with the strength, spirit and determination that she has shown throughout her Hall of Fame career. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family."

As is the whole women’s basketball universe. All the best to you, Coach Summitt.

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